Looking at Peter Redpath’s Essay (2000) “The Homeschool Renaissance” (Part 14 of 17)

0064 Is the much-advertised “Western Enlightenment” merely the historical rendering of a new Renaissance, in subjugation to the authority and prestige of the blossoming empirical sciences?

This is one implication of the alternate ending to Redpath’s tale.

0065 Here is a picture of the Western Enlightenment.

Figure 13

0066  Do I see a small flaw that may grow into a catastrophic unraveling?

Will political slogans reverse the inevitabilities of mathematics and mechanics and render the natural and social sciencesinto servants to a new science, occulting out of the chaos of the social sciences, just as the social sciences coalesce out of the neglected noumena of the natural sciences?

0067 Redpath does not articulate this particular scenario.

Twenty years later, his actions demonstrate that he intuitively senses its theodramatic implications.

Redpath pioneers an academy promoting “uncommon” common sense.

He proposes a return to the analytic and synthetic logics of Thomas Aquinas.