Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.3 RA

Summary of text [comment] page 83

[What does Giorgio Agamben mean by the term “homo sacer” (Latin for “sacred man”).

In the camp, the sovereign holds the individual under the law as one to whom the law does not apply.

Why does the sovereign hold but the law not apply?

The subject is deemed a thinkanti-object, who has conscienceanti-object. So “his” very thoughts are crimes.]


Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.3 QR

Summary of text [comment] page 83

[In the modern definition, less ‘freedom’ means more ‘responsibility’.

Less ‘responsibility’ means greater ‘freedom’.

‘Freedom’ and ‘responsibility’ are opposed.

So, from the intersecting nested form of the welfare recipient, ‘the mirror of the world3H’ lifts a key responsibility weighing the recipient’s heart2. Now, the recipient is free (without responsibility) to realize the potential of a disability.

The recipient can work, but the recipient also cannot work.

Remember the realm of possibility allows contradictions.]