Looking at Kirk Kanzelberger’s Essay (2020) “Reality and the Meaning of Evil” (Part 10 of 18)

0043 How do teams work?

In the Lebenswelt that we evolved in, we join a team and our commitments2c are plain to see.  Each person has a role1cand communicates that role1c through behavior, including manual-brachial gestures2a. These gestures2a are natural signs.  They are icons and indexes.  They are subjectively experienced as images and indications1a.

0044 But, there is a caveat, the more obvious the gesture, the more distinct from any other gesture, the more likely the gesture will be instantly understood.  So, each gesture-word2a becomes more and more distinct from every other gesture-word.  Language consists in systems of differences.

0045 Word-gestures2a are symbols, purely relational beings, striving for fullness within an ever more effective system of differences.  Language evolves within each team.  Humans, as a kind, adapt to what each team does2b.

0046 What does this mean in regards the prior interscope?

Here is a diagram of the social construction where the situational phantasm2b (including its manifestation as langue2b) aligns with both things and events2a (including parole2a, hand and hand-speech talk2a) and a judgment2c (which cannot be symbolized, so is expressed as a commitment2c).