Looking at John Perez Vargas, Johan Nieto Bravo and Juan Santamaria Rodriguez’s Essay (2020) “Hermeneutics and Phenomenology in… Social Sciences Research” (Part 10 of 18)

0035 Test three, continued.

What is the subject matter of phenomenology?

What is in the slogan, “Return to the noumenon?”

0036 The slogan directs consciousness3b towards elucidating what the noumenon1a must be1b.  The resulting noumenon1a(1b) is both novel and social.  It1a(1b) is novel because it is an intersubjective mind-dependent being1b that can be taken to be mind-independent1a.  It is social1b because the identification of the noumenon1b relies on individual and collective thought processes.

Here is a picture.

Figure 07