Looking at the Book (2015) Genesis: History, Fiction or Neither? (Part 29 of 38)

0103 Gordon Wenham concludes chapter 2, titled “Genesis 1-11 as Protohistory” with a caveat.

Perhaps, the message of Genesis 1-11, as God’s Word2c, is more important than defining its genre1c.  God’s word2c pours out grace.

0104 Yet, the possibilities inherent in genre as a classification1c support a complementary natural actuality, the hypothesis of the first singularity2c.

Grace and nature are not separate, after all.

0105 These comments applaud Wenham’s naming of the genre of Gen 1-11 as “protohistory”.

Protohistory allows the reader to appreciate extra-Biblical materials as part of the big picture.

After all, the written origin stories of the ancient Near East witness the consequences of the same transition, the first singularity.

0106 Here is a picture.