Looking at the Book (2015) Genesis: History, Fiction or Neither? (Part 28 of 38)

0099 The Tower of Babel comes before the unexpected death of Haran.

0100 Why is there no equivalent to the Tower of Babel in the literature of the ancient Near East?

Why would anyone involved in the failed construction of a ziggurat draw attention to the incident?

0101 Why does the Bible contain a story mocking the pretensions of ziggurat builders?

The story sounds like a joke, coming from within an organization, making fun of the hubris of the institution.

The in-house character of the Tower of Babel makes me wonder why Terah, Abraham’s father, flees Mesopotamia.  Abraham’s brother dies.  The family needs to run.

0102 Wenham associates the Tower of Babel to the extra-Biblical reign of Nebuchanessar I (4598-4720 U0′) whose construction projects turned into royal nightmares.

I make an extra-Biblical association to the end of Ur III.  Ur III is the last fluorescence of the Sumerian tradition.  Afterwards, Akkadian becomes the common tongue and Sumerian becomes a dead language, only to survive as a written tradition, much like Latin at the start of the Age of Ideas.