Looking at the Book (2015) Genesis: History, Fiction or Neither? (Part 30 of 38)

0107 In chapter three, Biblical scholar Kenton Sparks offers another term for the genre of Gen 1-11: ancient historiography.

Because it is ancient, Gen 1-11 cannot yield dependable history or modern science.

Because it is historiography, history is graphed out as images.

Are those images fictional?

0108 Sparks has no interest in discussing the relationship between Gen 1-11 and science.

Perhaps, that stance will change once the hypothesis of the first singularity lands on his desk.

0109 It may be that the evangelicals who teach Gen 1-11 as scientifically and historically accurate may be on target, but in ways they never imagined.

Yes, Gen 1-11 is a histriography, a map of the histrionics of the Ubaid developing and suffering from unconstrained social complexity.

0110 Histrionics?

Forgive me the pun.

Just look at our Zeitgeist today.  The Age of Ideas ends.  The Age of Triadic Relations begins.  Histrionics fills the air.  I mean… the air-waves.

So, in addition to a historiography, Gen 1-11 is a histriography.