Looking at Daniel Estulin’s Book (2021) “2045 Global Projects at War” (Part 4 of 5)

0015 The third permutation follows.

The normal context of capital (C)3 brings the dyadic contiguity of economics (A)2m as matter and politics (B)2f as forminto relation with the possibilities inherent in communionC (D)1.

0016 Perhaps, you can guess where this is going for the New Babylon global project.

0017 The City of London is at once a capitol and a hub for capital.  It is like an alchemic mix of Washington D.C. and New York City.

Plus, I have to admit, no one does the politics of compromise (B)2f better than the British.  By that, I mean politics (B)2fconducted by people who are compromised (A)2m in the normal context of usury and money (C)3.

0018 What politician is not compromised in the British and New Babylon global projects?

Consider the cost of broadcasting a 20 second television ad containing a ruthless ad hominem attack on some opposing candidate for the office that one holds.

It costs a fortune.

An economic system (A)2m  fixated on usury and fiat currency provides the funds.  And, they expect a return on their investment.  They do not want to spend their hard-churned money foolishly.  The politician represents the financial capitalists, not the people.

0019 It even makes me wonder, what does the word, “people”, really mean?