Looking at Daniel Estulin’s Book (2021) “2045 Global Projects at War” (Part 3 of 5)

0012 The second permutation follows.

In the normal context of politics (B)3, the actuality of conspiracy system (C)2m [contiguity] economics (A)2f emerges from (and situates) the potential of communionB (D)1.

0013 Not to be hasty, but here is the application for the New Babylon global project.

0014 Well, this does not look good for any place whose image recounts Edinburgh, in the British industrial heartland.  Or, should I say, “rustbelt”?

Usury and fiat currency are all about concentrating ownership (A)2f in the hands of an interest-collecting few (C)2m, in the normal context of politics (B)3.

For example, financial speculators (C)2m [makes present] the asset stripping of America’s industrial heartland (A)2f.

Remember what Cain Capital did to Abel Industries?