Looking at Daniel Estulin’s Book (2021) “2045 Global Projects at War” (Part 2 of 5)

0006 After the prior discussion, here is another diagram of Estulin’s Greimas square.

0007 This Greimas square spawns three nested forms, each with a triadic normal context, a dyadic actuality corresponding to matter and form, and a monadic potential.  (See A Primer on the Category-Based Nested Form, by Razie Mah, available at smashwords and other e-book venues).

I skip all the steps of development.  These are in the commentary. 

Here is the first of three permutations.

0008 The normal context is economics (A)3.  Economics (A) associates to the social mind and to capitalism.

The actuality consists of two contiguous real elements, in the same fashion as matter2m [contiguity] form2f.  Here, politics (B)2m serves as matter.  Conspiracy system (C)2f goes with form.  The contiguity is [ministers].

The actuality is politics(B)2m [ministers to] conspiracy system (C)2f.

Politics (B)2m associates to the social bodycommunism and the idea that the state governs the social body.

Conspiracy system (C)2f  associates to capital, information and intelligence.

0009 For example, for two global projects, the British (and formerly American) and the New Babylon (currently American), the conspiracy system (C)2f takes the form of money and usury.  For the British, money is a precious metal.  For the New Babylon, money is fiat currency.

0010 For both the British and the New Babylon global projects, communionA (D)1 can be described by a idealized image of Renaissance Venice.

The triadic normal context of economics (A)3 brings the dyadic actuality of politics (B)2m [ministering to] usury and fiat currency (C)2f into relation with the monadic image of ‘Renaissance Venice (D)1.

0011 Of course, the Venice of today is a reliquary of the so-called Renaissance.  Plus, it is slowly sinking.  Soon enough, it will be underwater, not unlike the central banks of the New Babylon global project.  Can the Midases of the New Babylon global project stop the tide?