Looking at Razie Mah’s  (2015) A Primer on the Individual In Community (Part 8 of 24)

0051 Here is a picture of the resulting interscope.

Figure 18

0052 The three levels are contenta, situationb and perspectivec.

These three levels constitute a nested form.  Perspectivec brings situationb into relation with contenta.

A virtual nested form runs down each column, as noted in the prior blog, with the virtual nested form in the realm of normal context3.

0053 There are nine elements.  An archetype highlights some elements and shadows others.  Jungian psychology explores archetypes.

0054 Finally, there is a powerful connection to one of the upper tiers.

Consider the element in the upper right corner of the above figure.

The perspective-level potential1c is “rightfulness1cA“.

Rightfulness1cA connects to righteousness1aC, a potential on the content-levela of the upper tierC.

0055 Here is a picture.

Figure 19

Sociology connects to psychology.