Looking at Razie Mah’s  (2014) A Primer on the Individual In Community (Part 7 of 24)

0045 This primer comes third.

A nested form is composed a three elements.  The subscripts for each element are 1, 2 and 3.

An interscope is composed of three nested forms.  The subscripts for each level are a, b and c.

A three-tiered relational structure is composed of three interscopes.  The subscripts for each tier are A, B and C.

0046 In some specialized social circles, a three-tiered relational structure is called a “cake”.

Unfortunately, the term, “cake”, applied to the three-tiered relational structure, sounds half-baked.

0047 The individual in communityA is the first tier of this grand relational structure.

The discussion starts with a nested form, as depicted below.

Figure 16

0048 This nested form comes from theology.

A theological question gets raised, “What happens when a person dies?”

A theological answer is provided.

0049 Then, a three-level interscope for the individual in community is constructed by expanding each element of the “partially differentiated” nested form into a “fully differentiated” interscope.

Here is a comparison of the elements of the less differentiated nested form and the virtual nested form in the realm of normal context for the more differentiated interscope.

Figure 17

0050 The normal contexts are key psychological questions.