Looking at Razie Mah’s  (2014) A Primer on Sensible and Social Construction (Part 6 of 24)

0037 What happens next?

Of course, some clever comedian adds more figures to the picture of human evolution painted by descent with modification.

The additional features raise a question.

Figure 12

0038 Comedians love to upset the narrative.

Clearly, the fat guy with a beer2a cannot be explained by evolutionary science3b with material and physical models2bbased on natural selection and genetics1b.

Neither can the hunch-back at the computer.

Sensible construction fails.

Figure 13

0039 When sensible construction fails, social construction begins.

A social construction appears within a nested form on the perspective level of a three-level interscope.  A three-level interscope is a nested form composed of nested forms.

Figure 14

0040 Well, of course, the guy with the beer does not descend with modification from the guy with a spear.  The two guys occupy different living worlds (or, in German, Lebenswelts).  The guy with a beer belongs to our current Lebenswelt.  The guy with the spear belongs to the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

Does this sound vaguely familiar?

Recall that actuality2 represents a dyad composed of two contiguous real elements.  Actuality2 looks like this:

one real element [contiguity] other real element

Correspondingly the perspective-level actuality looks like this:

the Lebenswelt that we evolved in [first singularity] our current Lebenswelt2c

0041 Notice that elements of the perspective level are really empty slots.  

0042 What is the potential1c?

A perspective-level potential1c virtually brings the potential of natural selection and genetics1b into relation with the potential of both archaeology and history1a.

The potential1c is triadic relations.  Triadic relations include signs, mediations, judgments, normal contexts and category-based nested forms.  The human niche is the potential of triadic relations1c.

0043 What is the normal context3c?

The normal context3c is not clear.  Whatever it3c is, it3c puts evolutionary science3b into perspective, even as evolutionary science3b emerges from and situates the potential of Darwin’s foundational principle of descent with modification3a.

I do not think that the perspective-level normal context3c rules out theology.

If I look back at the original comedy, where the guy with a spear “evolves” into the guy with a beer, I see an intimation of a theocomedy, the humorous counterpoint to our great theodrama.

Human evolution comes with a twist.

0044 Here is a picture of the beginning of a new age of sensible construction.

Figure 15