Looking at Carlo Vigano’s Speech (2021) “How the Revolution of Vatican II Serves the New World Order” (Part 3 of 14)

0021 Vigano starts section two with one metaphor, and then goes to another.

Since Vatican II, an anti-church has infiltrated the historic church.  It is like a moon eclipsing the sun.  The moon follows the orbit of modernism.  The sun shines in the splendor of truth.  The sky is Faith.

Then, Vigano switches up.  The moon lies under the feet of the woman, at once the image of Mary Most Holy and the Church, clothed in the sun of righteousness.

The moon blocks the sun.  Modernism is a synthesis of all heresies.  Modernism associates to the dark side of the moon, as well as the shadow cast on the lands below.

0022 To me, Vigano’s shifting metaphors imply a contradiction that cannot be resolved.  The sunny integralist reality and the moonny modernist reality co-participate in a single reality that is rife with contradictions, just like an eclipse.

Say what?

The actualities of solar integralism and lunar modernism compose a single actuality.

0023 Here is a diagram of the two realities.  The modern lunar reality is an alternate to the sunny integralist’s reality.  Yet, both compose a single actuality.  Two celestial bodies move above the mundane Earth.

Figure 03

0024 What does the “alt” superscript denote?

The integralist and the modernist realities2 are not the same.  At first, they appear to be no different.  When the modernist reality starts to eclipse the integralist actuality, then the difference shows up.  Both belong to a single actuality2, which Vigano labels an eclipse2.  This eclipse has both heavenly and mundane dimensions.

0025 Just as the integralist actuality2 is understood in terms of a nested form, so the modernist actuality2 will be understood in terms of a nested form.

Here is a picture of the two nested forms.  The top one holds the integralist actuality2V.  The bottom one contains the modernist actuality2H, as it begins to cast its umbra upon the integralist world.  The mundane metaphor is the moon blocking the sun during a solar eclipse.  The heavenly metaphor is totalizing error blocking the light of truth.

The term, “eclipse2“, labels the two actualties2 constituting a single actuality2.

Figure 04