Looking at Carlo Vigano’s Speech (2021) “How the Revolution of Vatican II Serves the New World Order” (Part 2 of 14)

0013 Section one starts boldly.

We live in extraordinary times.  The norms of the integralists do not apply.

0014 Who are the integralists?

They are the ones who expect ritual and doctrinal continuity through time.

According to their antagonists, integralists conflate material continuity and tradition, as if a change in form coincides with a change in matter.

What primitive cogitations!

“Integralist” is a pejorative term among Bergoglio’s party.

0015 How do I associate Vigano’s opening with a nested form?

The integralist is a person who expects the hylomorphic realness of the Catholic Church to remain unaltered through time.

0016 What is a hylomorphe?

A hylomorphe is an actuality that has the structure of matter [substance] form.  A hylomorphe corresponds to Peirce’s category of secondness.  Secondness consists of two contiguous real elements.  The nomenclature is one real element [contiguity] other real element.

0017 So, what type of hylomorphe does the Catholic Church manifest?

Here is my guess.

Figure 01

0018 Surely, other associations may work just as well.

0019 The integralist holds that the hylomorphe, body of Christ [substance] kingdom of God is an actuality2.  Body of Christ is like matter.  Kingdom of God parallels form.  The contiguity, labeled “substance”, reflects the potential1underlying this actuality.  For now, I will call this potential1, “the third person of the Trinity1“.  Later, I will call this potential, “the charism of Christ1“.

The normal context3 is the Catholic Church3, an institution that has weathered many centuries, and still, somehow, remains afloat.

0020 Here is the integralist’s nested form.

Figure 02