Looking at the Book (2015) Genesis: History, Fiction or Neither? (Part 9 of 38)

0028 Does Charles Halton (or any of the other contributors) know about the hypothesis of the first singularity?

For the most part, these Biblical scholars are not worried about religion versus science controversies.  They discuss the question of genre, rather than the more difficult topic of reconciling Biblical anthropology and human evolution.

0029 Little does Halton (and the other contributors) realize that the entire scientific framework of human evolution relies on materialist assumptions that are valid for many other species, but not our own.  Really.  Take a good look at a sheep and a lion and imagine a human as an adaptation into a material niche.  The proposition is ludicrous.

Three masterworks, available on smashwords, change all that. Each anchors a series (or course) in smashwords.  The Human Niche covers the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.  Our niche is not material. Our niche is the potential of triadic relations.  An Archaeology of the Fall dramatically portrays the discovery and implications of the first singularity.  How To Define the Word “Religion” examines a crucial difficulty facing our current Lebenswelt.  How do we know whether our spoken words are true?

0030 Well, if that is the case, why would this little book on the genres of Genesis be relevant?