Looking at Daniel Turbon’s Article (2020) “…Human Being in Evolution” (Part 11 of 11)

0051 Once human evolution2a is ordered by an appreciation of how our origins are potentiated by the realness of triadic relations2b, a very surprising realization occurs.

Human evolution comes with a twist.

0052 What does that mean?

Our current Lebenswelt is not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

The realization is dramatized in An Archaeology of the Fall.

The implications are discussed in Comments on Daniel Houck’s Book (2020) “Aquinas, Original Sin and the Challenge of Evolution”, Comments on Five Views in the Book (2020) “Original Sin and Evolution” and Comments on James DeFrancisco’s Essay “Original Sin and Ancestral Sin”.  All are available at smashwords.

0053 At this moment, Daniel Turbon does not know.

At this moment, the journal, Scientia and Fides, does not know.

0054 There is something distinctively human in that.

Perhaps, that is what makes the comedy divine.