Thoughts on Sin by Ted Peters (1994) Blasphemy 8C

During the Enlightenment, the “language of Christianity” was co-opted by the Parties of Collectivism.

The Modern “social constructions” of Fascism and Communism served as sites of unparalleled cruelty.

Why?  Because their divinities were Blasphemy Incarnate that allowed – really, seduced – individuals into becoming their Instruments.  Personal responsibility was eclipsed in favor of instrumentality “without conscience”.  And what a pleasure that instrumentality turned out to be.

Fascists and Communists were “radically evil” in that they sought to deprive their victims of solace of any God Beyond Their Instrumentality.

Their cruelties were so cruel as to pose the ultimate question.

Do you know why you are here?

You are here to give us the thrill of destroying your conscience.