Thoughts on Sin by Ted Peters (1994) Blasphemy 8B

An Archaeology of the Fall provides a secular parallel to this theological transformation.   Every “language” is a symbolic order that exists as a system of differences.  Because humans evolved in a Lebenswelt of hand talk, we project “referentiality” onto each word in each system of differences and thereby socially construct our diverse worlds in our one Civilization.

Each “social construction” or “language within the Language” has a buttonhole, a word that cannot be defined, that serves to anchor all the other symbols in the system.  These buttonholes are vulnerable to concerted political action, characteristic of the competition by institutions for the role of Sovereign.  At the same time, when the Sovereign falls, these buttonholes are open to institutions that develop character instead of pursue sovereign power.

Institutions that pursue the Role of the Sovereign develop “ways of talking” consistent with the God of the Institution’s Instrumentality.  That is, the Sovereign becomes the Instrument of this God.

They blaspheme by co-opting words developed by Institutions that built a consensus in their worship of a God Beyond Their Own Instrumentality.