Thoughts on Sin by Ted Peters (1994) Blasphemy 8D

What seems really weird, to me, is that Ted Peters did not even see the Blasphemy involved in the Democratic Party – er, Progressivist – Takeover of California in the 1990s.

Instead, he kept his blinders on and focused on Satanism as a type of Private Cult within the spectrum Private Cults that constituted the New Age Movement.  He spent over 20 pages wondering whether Satanic Cults really existed.  Perhaps, they were figments of therapists’ expectations.  Perhaps, they were exaggerations of fundamentalist Christians.

Peters discussion has the same quality as the scene where the serpent appears in An Archaeology of the Fall.  Somebody was telling secular therapists and fundamentalist Christians something that they – on an unconscious level – already knew.  The secular therapists and the fundamentalist Christians thought they knew something – I mean – saw ‘something’.  And what they saw was a distorted image of themselves.