Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.5A

Summary of text [comment] pages 25, 26 & 27

Section 5 of chapter 1 is titled, “Sin Unto Death – Mortal Sin – Venial Sin”.

What are consequences of sin?  In the Old Testament, heinous sins entail a break with God, life and His people.  In the New Testament, particularly bad sins can lead to excommunication, the equivalent to all the above.

What sins fit the bill?

Incest is obviously one (1 Cor. 5:11-18).   The OT has its lists, including sins against one’s neighbors.  The NT has its lists, including the continuation of pagan practices.

All these lists may be taken to be warnings.  They are signposts of danger.  Even though the community may not impose punishments, God sees all.  There are punishments far more deadly than being cast out or excommunicated.