Thoughts on Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.2E2

[Let me step back and present Schoonenberg’s comments in a single nested form.

The “law3” puts “transgressions of the law, or sin2” into context.

The “law3” brings “transgressions of the law, or sin2” into relation with “the possibilities inherent in ordination1“.  Among these possibilities are “fixations1” or “sins that precede the transgression of the Law1” or “ways of disordination1“.

For Schoonenberg, following Paul, these “ways of disordination1“, which exist in the realm of possibility in this nested form, may be regarded actual in another nested form.

In these blogs, however, I resist any impulse to reify.  Perhaps, that may come later.

Consequently, these “ways of disordination1” corresponds, to a greater or lesser extent, to consciencelacking1.  “Lacking” here, refers to the “inability to orient (or ordinate) without fixation”.]