Looking at Mariusz Tabaczek’s Book (2021) “Divine Action and Emergence” (Part 14 of 22)

0263 The development of Tabaczek’s mirror is discussed in points 0028-0050.

The science side transforms the empirio-schematic judgment into a hylomorphe.

The philosophical side transforms Kant’s slogan into something that cries for a new “new” Aristotelianism.

0264 The example of mitochondria “burning” glucose and oxygen to make ATP shows that when the philosophical side looks at its own reflection in the mirror of science, scientific discoveries get reconceptualized without significant distortion.

0265 So, I wonder, “If the Aristotelian does not distort the empirio-schematic side of the mirror, then why does the science side distort the metaphysical side of the mirror?”

Perhaps, modern scientists still channel the ghost of the positivist intellect. They get a lot of funding to conduct experiments with radioactively labeled chemicals and the like.  So, who would not distort the Aristotelian side of the mirror?  That is what the Positivist’s judgment recommends.  Who cares if the positivist intellect is dead?

0266 Who cares whether the component actions within emergent phenomena are the equivalent of dispositions [properties] powers, when the involved chemical reactions, when balanced, reflect something like a metaphysical unity?