Thoughts on Evolution and the Sin in Eden: A New Christian Synthesis (1998) 01

At the time of writing, 1998, the author, Anthony Zimmerman, STD, was a retired Professor of Moral Theology at Nanzan University, Nagoya.  Who knows whether he still lives at the time of this writing, 2012?

The forward claims that Adam did no harm to our natural selves and that we should not be needlessly pessimistic about our “fallen” condition.  After all, without the Fall, there would be no reason to be “re-made”.  Zimmerman quotes Pope St. Leo to this regard: “Happy, had he not fallen from how God made him.  Happier, if he manages to remain as God re-made him.”

This attitude matches the feeling of An Archaeology of the FallAn Archaeology has all the trappings of a horror story.  Yet, each character manages to be “re-made” closer to “how God made her.”