Looking at Andrew Ter Ern Loke’s Book (2022) ” The Origin of Humanity and Evolution”   (Part 14 of 22)

0127 The author does not grasp the potential of his own hypothesis, that God labels Adam and Eve as “Image Bearers of God” and the label stands at the start of all humankind in our current Lebenswelt.

Indeed, he immediately stumbles into the fool’s errand that says, “Labels are really important.”

0128 Well, I admit the point.  Realistic labels are important if I want to get anything technical accomplished, including floccinaucinihilipilification.  But, spoken words do not reliably generate realistic labels.

Consider the testimony of the World Economic Forum-promoted author, Noah Harari, who claims that humans are able to succeed more than other animals because humans are able to invent fictional beings, like “images” and “God”, to get others to buy into a deception and thereby bind them to cooperate on complex tasks.

Or, consider the testimony of the serpent in the garden, who says (more or less), “Everything I say is technically correct, and is designed to deceive you into believing that this fruit is intelligence incarnate, because I am convinced that you are that stupid.”

0129 To make a long story short, the hypothesis of the first singularity highlights the word-play that dwells within the stories of Adam and Eve as well as our everyday civilized lives.  The hypothesis places the stories of Adam and Eve at the start one of the world’s first civilizations, and conveys the message that our current Lebenswelt is not the same as the Lebenswelt that we evolved in.

Loke’s hypothesis of God naming Adam and Eve, “Image-Bearers of God”, complements the hypothesis of the first singularity because it attaches labels onto these fairy-tale figures, so that Adam and Eve can be the founders of all humans who receive this label, by way of all sorts of non-genetic mechanisms, such as being born into a civilization practicing speech-alone talk.