Thoughts on Whatever Became of Sin? By Karl Menninger MD (1973) 8AB1

As soon as “affluence” was declared politically incorrect, then Progressives deduced that “there must be a thinkgroup and a consciencelacking that the affluent person holds”.

Progressive thinkcorrect attributes to the affluent a thinkincorrect where “’fair play’ is ‘cheating’”.  This goes hand-in-hand with a projected wide-ranging conscienceincorrect that believes in some form of “exploitation”.

However, neither the thinkgroup  of “cheating and calling it ‘fair play’” nor the conscienceincorrect “attitude of exploitation” are held by all the affluent.  They are held by the elites who expect the rewards of crony capitalism.  You know, the ones who work for the big banks – er, I mean – the Department of Treasury.

Progressive programs calling the affluent to “repent” ask the affluent to “confess to ideas and potentials that they do not hold”.

Yes, this is the stuff of show trials – er, I mean – the television news programs of the American conformist media.

Amazingly, Menninger admitted that he did not know which is a greater sin: envy or affluence (154).