Thoughts on Whatever Became of Sin? By Karl Menninger MD (1973) 8I

How would Menninger’s mandala apply to lust, fornication, adultery and pornography?

With modernism, the horizontal axis, “crime(sin(symptom))” could be “crimes of sexual injustice(the sins of sensuality(the psychology of the sex drive))”.

Note how the term “crimes of sexual injustice” encompass more than anything that would be in the books of modern law.  They include breaking hearts.

The vertical axis of “thinkgroup(sin(consciencelacking))” might be the “denial of the intrinsic sinfulness of anything connected with sex(sins of sensuality(the capacity to violate trust and integrity))”.

Three of the four poles are theoretically “liberating”: “the psychology of the sex drive”, “the capacity to violate trust and integrity”, and “denial of any intrinsic sinfulness to sex”.

These liberations are countered by “crimes of sexual injustice”.

The liberations are “social”.  The injustice is “cosmic”.