Looking at Alex Jones’s Book (2022) “The Great Reset” (Part 7 of 12)

0080 In chapter three, Jones asks (more or less), “Who is responsible for this garbage… er… act of persuasion?

He recounts a history, full of conspiracies.

Ahem, let me say that our elites do not conspire.  Rather, they manage.

Consequently, I rebrand the term, “conspiracy theory”, with the moniker, “a suspected historical managerial collaboration”.

0081 I will not recount this history.  Jones must be appreciated in his own words.

I will say that chapters three and four convey lots of information, pay attention to behind-the-scenes actors, and portray “managers” in ways that confound the traditional use of the term.

0082 How so?

How do managers work?

Well, first, managers are in charge.  The claim to be in charge of what is going on.  They take credit for successes and deflect blame for failures onto underlings, some of whom are not psychologically prepared for the betrayal.  They cook books.  They implement plans.

0083 How do “managers” work in suspected historical managerial collaborations?

Well, first, they attain positions of power with indeterminate responsibilities.  They appoint loyal people to be in charge of what must be done.  They manipulate the appearances of success and failure.  They compromise others and are especially fond of those who are not psychologically prepared to be compromised.  They make plans.  They select obedient managers to implement those plans.

0084 Of course, these “managers” cannot take exception to Alex Jones’s history of their suspected managerial collaborations.  But, they can sue the crap out of him on the basis of implausible legal theories.

Plus, look how beautiful stakeholder capitalism (D) is, compared to the alternative, less than optimal solutions (D).

Figure 15

0085 In chapter five, Jones turns his attention to Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the department of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Harari has a great intellect.  Harari is also Klaus Schwab’s sidekick.

Surely, Schwab outsources aspects of the act of persuasion to Harari.

0086 According to Jones, Harari faces two tasks.

First, convince the reader that “his” understanding of the past is flawed.  This may be easy, because the academy has prepared the soil.  Note how I put the pronoun, “him”, in brackets in order to designate both male and female humans.  That means that my psychological conditions are already grounded in their… um… accusation that my understanding is flawed.

Second, move the reader to a desired vision of the future, where the dystopian reactionary Great Reset (C) leads to the solution of a capitalism where progress, people and the planet are stakeholders (D).

Does “stakeholder” sound like “public-private partnership”?

Oh well.  It sounds like shop talk for our elites.

0087 Harari’s two tasks veil two elements in Schwab’s Greimas square (K1-K5).

Here is a picture.

Figure 16

0088 How does Harari add value to Schwab’s agenda?

Harari’s suggestion that my understanding of the past is wrong diminishes the viability of alternate plans for shaping the future.  The World Economic Forum (WEF) is not the only trans-national institution with a vision for the future.  Indeed, the plans of the WEF may be the public face of a coin.  The other face is… well… private.  Yes, only the members of the partnership can view the other side of the coin.

0089 Ah!  There is a partnership, a coin with two faces: one public and one private.

Theorists of historical managerial collaborations take note.

The dichotomy may be applied in more than one way.

0090 Harari’s efforts to move me to the desired vision of the future (C) contrasts with his suggestion that my understanding of the past is wrong (B) and complements the public face of the fourth industrial revolution (including the covid-19 operation, A).  I suppose that the private face is stakeholder capitalism (D).


I thought that covid-19 was a “pandemic”.  Also, I that the injection that I was forced to take in order to keep my job was a “vaccine”.

This is the public face of the events leading to the Great Reset (C).

The private face calls it a proprietary mRNA technology.

With the assistance of Alex Jones, I may now suspect that covid-19 was a public “Event 201-related operation” coordinated with private stakeholders.  See page 72 in the text.

0091 The coin of the new realm is “partnership”.  The two faces of the coin are public and private.

Figure 17

0092 Let me repeat the same trick that I applied to the titles of Schwab’s books, K1 through K5, in points 21 through 27.

Here are the titles of Harari’s books.

H1: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity (2011)

H2: Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2016)

H3: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century (2018)

0093 The associations are obvious.

Figure 18

0094 Behold, another version of Klaus Schwab’s act of persuasion.