Looking at Loren Haarsma’s Book (2021) “When Did Sin Begin” (Part 7 of 21)

0049 In chapter five, Haarsma lays our four common theological theories about the nature of the image of God.

0050 First, we are different from all other animals.

The reason?

Hominins adapt into a unique niche, the potential of triadic relations.  We recognize signs as things in themselves.  See Comments on Steven Mithen’s Book (1996) The Prehistory of the Mind.

0051 Second, the pre-fallen state corresponds to original justice.  One imago dei is willing to sacrifice and die for another imago dei.  See Comments on Daniel Houck’s Book (2020) Aquinas, Original Sin and The Challenge of Evolution.

0052 Third, the imago dei points to a personal relation between God and humans.  This implies that God defines the human niche.

0053 Fourth, the imago dei is commissioned to be God’s stewards of the rest of creation.  This requires understanding, where understanding entails placing the actuality of creation2 into a normal context of stewardship3 as well as the potential of The One Who Brings All Into Relation1.

Figure 13