Looking at Carlo Vigano’s Speech (2021) “How the Revolution of Vatican II Serves the New World Order” (Part 5 of 14)

0031 Here is a snapshot of the developing intersection.

Figure 08

0032 The eclipse2 is a single actuality composed of two, apparently independent, actualities.  Modernism2H more clearly differentiates from integralism2V. They are no longer variations on a theme.  Each actuality demands its own normal context3 and potential1.

0033 Here is a picture of the hylomorphic structures of the two actualities of integralism2V and modernism2H.

Figure 09

0034 In section four, Vigano suggests that the new theology of lunar modernism arises as Catholic elites are humiliated by Freemasonry in civil, political and cultural spheres.

0035 On one hand, such a claim sounds like some sort of conspiracy theory.

But, aren’t freemasons in secret societies, where each member is compromised, even as he participates in compromising other members?

No wonder conspiracy theories are so complicated.

0036 On the other hand, some of the conspiracies, such as the agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation, are plain to see (even though, they are complicated, because they are twisted).  E. Michael Jones provides the receipts in two books, Libido Dominandi and Degenerate Moderns.

0037 Plus, there are plenty of other highly credentialed ideologues and well-connected bureaucrats eager to humiliate Catholic integralists.  Communists and big government (il)liberals have ready-made slurs.

0038 In response to humiliation, so-called “new theologians” adopt a revolutionary approach.  These revolutionaries figure that the Church can come into alliance with the contemporary world, despite the warning issued in Genesis 3:15.  Then, they serve as facilitators at the Council of Vatican II.

The most glorious expression for Vatican II is the reformed liturgy, aptly labeled, “The New Order”.  The Novus Ordo only needs one more qualifier, such as the adjective, “seclorum“, to achieve complete irony.