Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1T

[Let me take this one step further.

If Person A were disposed to other, more kinky options, ‘he’ could see Person B as “a perverted instrument of a higher power”.

In this case, Person B may be portrayed as “a bad one”. This carries the implication is that B’s (apparent) haughtiness is driven by pleasure, in particular, the pleasure of victimizing others.

Is Person A addicted to ‘his’ habituated emotions concerning ‘his’ rightfulness?

Does Person A project ‘his’ own addiction onto Person B?

If so, Person A accuses Person B of precisely “what Person A longs to do” but cannot publicize it. Person A wants to take pleasure in hurting a bad one.

By making an innocent suggestion, Person B has targeted ‘himself’.

Person A has identified Person B as a bad one.]