Thoughts on Original Sin by Tatha Wiley (2002) 8B

Methodological theology (evolutionary, scientific & historical) focuses on the “situation”.  Medieval theology (static, logical & essential) focuses on “judgment”.

Lonergan asked: Does the idea of “the infusion of sanctifying grace” refer to an existential experience?

Answer:  Yes, the experience of conversion.  “Conversion” denotes an inner reorientation of existential development.

Conversion is nested: Correct understanding(agency(being-in-love)).

The core is being in love with divine mystery.  Divine mystery exists in Peirce’s category of firstness.  Being-in-love has the character of feeling.

Feeling is situated by agency.

Agency is contextualized by correct understanding.

Conversion – reorientation – can start at any level.  It can start with confusion, in the shock of an event, or with the undertow of a feeling.