Thoughts on Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.2T1

Summary of text [comment] page 14

[When the “light” is taken as “the object that thinkgroup has, but its detractors cannot possibly have”, then two parties are present: thinkgroup_is_light and thinkenemy_is_darkness.  The former projects the latter.

The exclusion of (the projected) thinkenemy_is_darkness by thinkgroup_is_light creates an atmosphere where thinkgroup_is_light illuminates all aspects of the symbolic order of the time (Germans call it “the Zeitgeist”).

Articulation of thinkdivine is perceived as resistance; that is, criticism of thinkgroup_is_light.  Thinklight is confounded with thinkenemy_is_darkness.

There is no escape, until the entire symbolic order (that is, the social construction of society) collapses due to its own consequences (lawessential), consequences that the thinkgroup_is_light have long denied (lawdenial).]