Thoughts on Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 1.2G1

Text (pages 10-12) [comments in square brackets]

[How would Paul’s ideas in Romans 7:11-13 fit into the intersecting nested form?

Thinkdivine sets the Law.  In the analogy, the Law would be something like the behavior of ferromagnetic needles in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Enter the beautiful compass.  Consciencefashion fixes on the law and works on a way to turn it to advantage. Typical of creations of the fashion world, what comes out is attractive, but dysfunctional.

That does not matter, because a thinkgroup forms saying that one can use this beautiful thing with confidence.

Thinkgroup3(missing the mark2(consciencefashion1)) constitutes a positive feedback loop.]