Thoughts on Whatever Became of Sin? By Karl Menninger MD (1973) 9B

Here are examples of “crime contextualizing political incorrectness” and “ a claims that political incorrectness is made possible by symptoms belonging to the political opponents of Progressivism”.  Each has a twist.

First example: Environmental policies designed to herd people into densely populated “urban zones” and out of “nature zones” presume that people are “criminals” (that is, “polluters”).  In short, today’s (non-political) people are punished even though rapacious industrial practices (“of people with power”) are becoming a thing of the past.  Non-political people are contextualized as “polluters”, even though the Progressives have no idea how they would behave without sovereign “herding”.

One cannot question the viability of such policies, because to do so would invite the label of “anti-environmentalist”.  As seen before, Progressives will project a thinkgroup onto the “politically incorrect person”.  Anyone who questions is labeled “hater of the environment”, irrespective of the victim’s worldviews.

This is exactly what was done during the “witch hunts” of old.

As it turns out, this people-herding environmental policy may invite disaster simply because the resulting social construction cannot handle any catastrophe in which the people in the urban zones must find shelter elsewhere (example, war or plague).

Have you watched any disaster fantasy movies about this?