Thoughts on Whatever Became of Sin? By Karl Menninger MD (1973) 8Z

At this point, for the “sins of envy, greed and avarice”, we have encountered nested forms along two intersecting axes in Menninger’s apparently Christian frame.

The horizontal axis follows:

Lawessential(sins of envy, greed and avarice(psychology of covetousness))

The thinkgroup vertical axis is:

“The ungodly consolations of a complex life or idolatry of money(sins of envy, greed and avarice(the consciencelacking of self-aggrandizement))

The alternate thinkdivine vertical axis – we can only guess – might be:

Thinkdivine of the simple life (the virtue of fairness(the consciencefree of self-reliance)

And this thinkdivine would change the horizontal axis – we can only guess –to:

Lawessential(the virtue of fairness(the psychology of personal ownership and open opportunity)

Is that not odd?

The “psychology” of the disposition sounds like “natural rights”.