Looking at Brian Kemple’s Book (2019) “The Intersection” (Part 2 of 4)

0008 The intersection is a technical term describing a single actuality constituted by two seemingly independent actualities.

Figure 03

Now I collect two nested forms from prior works by Razie Mah.

0009 For Peirce, I consider A Primer on Sensible and Social Construction.  Point 0062 presents a three level interscope, depicting Peirce’s social construction.  Here is a diagram of the virtual nested form in the realm of actuality.

Figure 04

0010 The content-level actuality2a is the discovery that signs are triadic relations2a.  Triadic relations are luminous2a and Peirce cannot situate that luminosity2b within the modern philosophies of his day.  This difficulty2b situates the content-level actuality2a and demands social construction3c. Peirce realizes that three categories contextualize all experience2c(because all experience utilizes signs2a).  The categories of firstness, secondness and thirdness are discussed in detail in chapter four of Kemple’s book.

0011 For Heidegger, I turn to Comments on Alexander Dugin’s Book (2012) The Fourth Political Theory.  Point 0037 presents a three-level interscope for Heidegger’s construction of Being (Sein).  Once again, the virtual nested form in the realm of actuality captures my attention.

Here is a diagram.

Figure 05

The normal context of inzwischen2c (in between-ness) brings the actuality of Dasein2b (the realization that Being is there (da-)) into relation with the possibilities inherent in Sein2a (Being Itself).

0012 For these two virtual nested forms to serve as the nested forms for an intersection, the perspective-level actualities2c, must take on the character of thirdness (over and above their location in secondness).  This makes sense in so far as the perspectivec level corresponds to thirdness, the realm of normal contexts.

The same “taking on” applies to the content-level actualities2a.  They take on the character of firstness (over and beyond their location in secondness).  This makes sense because the contenta level corresponds to firstness, the realm of possibility.

0013 Here is the resulting intersection.

Figure 06