Looking at Alex Jones’s Book (2022) “The Great Reset” (Part 4 of 12)

0048 Does the Greimas square apply to the work at hand?

The book, The Great Reset and the War for the World, is printed by Skyhorse Publishing (2022).  The author, Alex Jones, reviews five monographs by Klaus Schwab, who directs the World Economic Forum.  Here is a list of titles, with markers and year of publication.

K1: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016)

K2: Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018)

K3: Covid-19: The Great Reset (2020)

K4: Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy that Works for Progress, People and the Planet (2021)

K5: The Great Narrative for a Better Future (2022)

0049 Do the titles alone support the construction of an updated scholastic Greimas square?

I think so.  Allow me to construct an association.

A: What is the focal word?

What corresponds to mind-independent being?

I spy two items that fit the bill: the fourth industrial revolution and covid-19.

Indeed, covid-19 may well be a product of one of the novel technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

B: What is the corresponding mind-dependent being?

0050 Is it the Great Reset?

Figure 06

0051 If the Great Reset contrasts with the fourth industrial revolution (A), then what speaks against it?

Is it shaping the future?

Is it the question of shaping the future?

0052 Ah, the question of shaping the future must be the corresponding mind-dependent being (B).  Shaping the future (B) contrasts with the fourth industrial revolution (A).

Then, the Great Reset (C) speaks against a mind-dependent shaping the future (B).

Figure 07

I suspect that, in the Great Resetthe mind-independent fourth industrial revolution (A) translates into a mind-dependent being that appears inevitable (C).  Just as the gun, as a mind-dependent being (B), is responsible for a crime (C), the Great Reset (C) makes plans for shaping the future (B) inevitable.

0053 The last remaining element is D, the mind-dependent being that is regarded as mind-independent.  To me, D is expressed in the title of K4: stakeholder capitalism.

Here is the result.

Figure 08

0054 Does this work?

The fourth industrial revolution and covid-19 are mind-independent realities (A).

A mind-dependent being (B), the question of shaping the future, contrasts with A.

The Great Reset (C) speaks against (contradicts) shaping the future (B).  This is like the contradiction between having a goal (B) and implementing a plan (C). The Great Reset (C) complements the fourth industrial revolution (A) (perhaps, because it institutes new technologies according to an interventional science that stands above the natural and the social sciences).

The Great Reset is a mind-independent being (perhaps, the fourth industrial revolution) regarded as a mind-dependent being (implementing plans to shape the future).  

Stakeholder capitalism (D) contrasts with the Great Reset (C), contradicts the fourth industrial revolution (A),  and complements the question of shaping the future (B).

0055 How does stakeholder capitalism (D) speak against the fourth industrial revolution (A)?

The fourth industrial revolution (A) invents new technologies for production, regardless of the stakeholders.  Stakeholder capitalism (D) forces the global economy to work for progress, people and the planet.

Consequently, stakeholder capitalism is a mind-dependent being that is regarded as a mind-independent being (D).

Yes, D can determine the course of A.

0056 Okay, the associations work, even though I do not have a clear definition of the term, “stakeholder capitalism”.