Looking at Razie Mah’s Series (2015)  A Course on How To Define the Word “Religion”  (Part 23 of 24)

0155 In the movie business, the previous blogs would be called “trailers” or “teasers”.

They assure the reticent adult that the material of the course is not only interesting, but also accessible.  There are no trained instructors in this field of inquiry.  There are only fellow travelers.  Or, maybe, I should say, there are adults who may be motivated to serve as fellow travelers for their children and other students.

0156 Now, I want to get technical.

Suppose that you walk with your students.

At what pace?

For middle-school students, maybe 20 points in an hour.

For high-school students, around 30 points in an hour.

For college students, say, 40 points an hour.

How long would the course take?

0157 Here is the breakdown for the first five primers.

Figure 44

0158 Here is the breakdown for the second five primers.

Figure 45

0159 Here is the breakdown for the masterwork.

Figure 46
Figure 47

0160 Here is the summary.

Figure 48