Thoughts on Whatever Became of Sin? By Karl Menninger MD (1973) 6E

Now, I will raise a question that must be visited more than once: Does a Judeo-Christian nested structure underlie Menninger’s nested form of crime(sin(symptom)) as well as the Progressive nested form of crime(political incorrectness(symptom))?

The question itself hints that Menninger has already indicated a Judeo-Christian nested form beneath the Progressive.

But is that enough?  Are there even deeper forms?

One clue comes at the start of chapter 6, with Menninger’s brief discussion and dismissal of the idea of “free will”.

He raised the idea then asked: What if you were not conscious of what you were doing?

“Free will” clearly does not underlie “symptom”.

“Symptom” belongs to a different “coordinate axis” than “free will”.

A “nested form that contains free will“ complements a “nested form that contains symptom”, even though both “free will” and “symptom” label “coping with the stress of pleasure seeking and pain avoidance”.

So the nested patterns so far are, for Menninger’s original axis:


Then there is a suggestion of a complementary Judeo-Christian axis. We can only guess:

Possibly – something like divine judgment(sin(something to do with free will))

Notably, both nested forms intersect in the realm of actuality.