Looking at William Lane Craig’s Book (2021) “In Quest of the Historical Adam” (Part 12 of 21)

0066 Other family resemblances also associate to elements in the category-based nested form.  Here is the next match.

Myths associate to rituals (M8).  M8 fits the normal context of ritual3.

Deities are characters in myths (M6).  M6 associates to actuality2.  Deities are real characters, not imaginary ones.

Myths anchor present realities in primeval times (M7).  M7 matches potential.  Primeval times (as possibilities) anchor the present.

0067 Here is a picture.

Figure 09

The normal context of ritual association3 brings the actualities of dieties2 into relation with the potential of anchoring present realities in primeval times1.

0068 The remaining three family resemblances also constitute a category-based nested form.

Myths are located in a primeval age or another realm (M5).

Myths express correspondences between nature and deities (M9).

Myths contain fantastical elements that are not troubled by logical contradiction or incoherence (M10).

0069 Here is the nested form.

Figure 10

The normal context of a primeval age3 brings the actuality of correspondences between nature and divine2 into relation with the possibilities inherent in fantastical elements that defy logical contradiction or coherence1.