Looking at William Lane Craig’s Book (2021) “In Quest of the Historical Adam” (Part 3 of 21)

0009 Is it a coincidence that Paul compares Jesus, the Resurrected, to Adam, the Originator of Humanity’s Tragic Flaw?

The contrast is rather shocking, since Jesus is executed as a domestic terrorist after he upsets the business of an established exchange of God.  Does that sound strangely contemporary? 

0010 Well, yes.  Jesus is an innocent man.  He just got carried away.

Jesus’ innocence is revolting to the elites, who make their living by signaling (and marketing) their virtue, as the know-it-alls who know-it-all (that is, the multitude of little commandments that can be teased out of the written scriptures).  Jesus says (more or less), “Forget what the know-it-alls are telling you.  There are only two commandments.  Love God.  Love your neighbor.”  (I am sure that Professor Craig can make this point more eloquently.  But, the lesson is still the same.  Jesus says that the know-it-alls do not know-it-all.)

Did I get that right?

0011 Jesus rises from the dead on the third day, demonstrating that he is more than simply innocent, despite being occasionally cranky.  Yes, He is the Word of God.  The Word shines in the darkness.  The darkness has not overcome it.

And, what is the darkness?

Oh, remember Adam, the Originator of Humanity’s Tragic Flaw?  Isn’t he also the First Human Being?

0012 Saint Augustine diagnoses the darkness.  He calls it, “original sin”.  He could have called it, “humanity’s tragic flaw”.  Then, he might have avoided the… as it turns out… erroneous conclusion that this thing, original sin, is like a sexually transmitted disease, passing from generation to generation, through… you know… the stuff that modern sexual liberators want you to tell them about.  Otherwise, how would they know?

 As the metaphor mixer maintains, “The bed is a seat of compromise.”

0013 Once Adam transfigures from The Originator of Humanity’s Tragic Flaw to The First Human Being, certain scientific questions come into play.  Craig offers a diagram in Figure 1.1 on page 9.   Is the concept of the first human being compatible, or incompatible, with scientific evidence of human evolution?The question moves the terrain of debate into the realm of science.  The answer, according to scientific know-it-alls, basking in the darkness of our day, is that the Biblical authors, as well as Jesus, teach inaccurate science.  The answer, for the ones who still listen to the Word of God, is that the relevant modern science may be… um… how should I say it?… tragically flawed.