Looking at John Walton’s Book (2015) “The Lost World of Adam and Eve” (Part 11 of 22)

0096 What is proposition ten?

The New Testament addresses Adam and Eve as archetypes.

0097 Five passages in the New Testament explicitly mention Adam and Eve.

0098 In Luke 3, Adam is an individual, the founder of the line of Seth, that leads into the line of Noah, then the line of Abraham, then the line of David.

0099 In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and the Romans, Adam is both an individual and all of us.  The contiguity, however, is now entangled in fallenness.  Fallen Adam is the original.  Fallen us is the imprint.

Figure 25

0100 Even though this hylomorphe has the structure of an archetype, the qualifier of “fallen” specifies the archetype as a primordial image.  The individuality of Adam becomes far more important.  The all-ness of the fall becomes far more real.  This raises the question of the historical Adam.  This also raises the question of how the fall is transmitted from Adam to all of us