Thoughts on Sin by Ted Peters (1994) Cruelty 7D

In many ways, this transformation from Epicurean to Sadist captures the difference between concupiscence and cruelty and the difference between the planes of “doing” and “perversion”.

Concupiscence() seeks all sorts of fulfillmentselfs.  That is the nature of “being in the state(with Cupid)”.

Cruelty() seeks the rush of anti-fulfillmentself, where the victim is deprived – like those little crawfish in the marsh of Peters’ childhood – of her legs and claws.  Watch her squirm at the debasement!  What fun!

Unfortunately, you can only do it once to each crawfish.

So perhaps the nature of “cruelty” is “seeking the thrill(without conscience)”.

Just as Cupid’s arrow takes over the person’s heart or “state of being”, perverse instrumentality (“without conscience” in its myriad of possibilities) removes the most important hindrance to the thrill of debasing others.

The Marquis de Sade was so complete a perverse instrument of “the Pleasure of Giving You Pain”, that he longed for nothing more than the pure thrill of acting without conscience.

Today’s sadists are not so agenda free.

Today’s sadists pose as “the Instruments of Some Higher Order that Will Take Away Your Pain”, like National Socialism, Communism or Progressivism.  In this way, the pleas of their victims float like incense above their Lack of Conscience and fill the nostrils of a Divinity Who Feeds Off Love.  Look.  We have taken away the Pain of Your Own Conscience.  Too bad that also required putting that probe into your brain.

Do you know why you are here?

You are here to give us the thrill of destroying your conscience.

Today’s Sadists have transcended their Master.