Thoughts on Sin by Ted Peters (1994) Unfaith 3A

“Unfaith” is a treacherous word.

Peters used the word in reference to the Christian Standard of Faith.  He quoted Matthew 6:31-33 in that regard.

He then went on to associate lack of faith with a lack of trust in other people, which, in turn, leads to a lack of love.  And who loves people less than Psychopathic Killers, who rely on the love, trust, and faith of their victims in order to entrap and kill them?

Is “unfaith” the beginning of a turn that diminishes other people’s existence through manipulation, insensitivity, betrayal and injury?  Or is “unfaith” an alternate “faith”?

If you take a babe and deny her the bonding experience with her mother, and she develops mistrust and deep-seated rage, and she ends up as a child without a conscience, does she lack “faith”?  Or has she found another faith, a “light to sustain her”, a “belief that allows her to hold on to what she has” by “depriving others of what they have”?  Is not her faith: “consuming rage”?  “Consuming rage” is a gift that keeps giving.

The serial murderer Ted Bundy did not suffer from anxiety.  He was a completely illuminated by the dark light that sustained him.  He was also consciously aware that what he was doing was in service to his “faith”; that is, his “consuming rage”.