Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.2 AO-1

Summary of text [comment] page 72

[There are three figures in many Progressive TV programs.

  1. The hero stands for the producers and the institutions of Progressive TV.
  2. The victim stands in for the viewer, who watches yet cannot talk back to the television. The viewer believes that “she” is aware of what “she” is doing. “She” is watching TV. Yet, “she” empathizes with the victim because “she” subliminally knows that “she”, as viewer, is a victim of an apparatus that deprives “her” of a voice.
  3. The victimizer stands for the person who does not watch Progressive TV. Why aren’t they watching? Do they have better things to do? People who apparently are minding their own business are cast as scary, evil, malicious and obsessed. At no point does the truth about the victimizer becomes clear. The victimizer comes from the Progressive’s imagination. It is a projection.]