Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.2L

[Both grace and self-destruction pertain to recognition. They both reflect the nested form of ‘God Recognizing Himself’.

For the moment, let me stay with the example of ‘the opportunity to love2’ in ‘the tension between I recognize myself and human nature is to participate in divine nature’.

In this intersecting form (2.2F), the term ‘recognition1V’ encompasses I and myself.

The term ‘recognize3V’ may be called a design of God.

For grace:

‘Recognize or the Holy Spirit3V’ brings ‘I (imaging the Father) and myself (imaging the Son)2V’ into relation with ‘my potential of being an image of God1V’.

For self-destruction:

‘Recognizing ‘something’3V’ brings ‘I (the one who recognizes) and myself (the one who is recognized on the basis of ‘something’2V) into relation with ‘my potential to recognize myself as ‘something’1V’.]