Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1EM

[So, with the preceding blogs and images in mind, I attempt to summarize.

I do so in two movements.

First, God the One must also be God the Three in order to encompass all three categories of existence.

If the One Triune God is actual, then another actual relation occurs in the dyad of actuality. That other actuality is creation.

These actualities are not hierarchical, they are contiguous. They obey the laws of non-contradiction.

Furthermore, this dyad has a normal context: Assume.

‘Assume3cC’ brings ‘One True Triune God and Creation2cC’ into relation with the ‘potential of all coming into relation1cC’. This relation characterizes a suprasovereign religion.

Details can be found in the e-book: How To Define the Word ‘Religion’.]