Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1DC-2

Summary of text [comment] pages 68 and 69

[At this point, I would like to compare the two recent images of the blog.

The first image is ‘self-esteem and spontaneous order’ (2.1 CY). The second image is ‘an interscoping form for loneliness, frustration and grievance’ (2.1 DB).

The situation and content levels of the interscoping forms (2.1 DB) in the prior blog appear curiously similar to the dyad of triadic relations in the limiting objectrelation (2.1 CY).

‘I, seat of choice3b,’ seems to parallel ‘regression and social justice as source of relation3’.

‘The fact that my choice has already been determined by my circumstances2b’ parallels ‘the design of social injustice and the structures that give advantage to that design2’.

‘The potential of the objectorganization to be the something that situates me1b’ parallels ‘the potential of economic and political power1’.

‘The limiting normal context that brings I recognize myself into actuality3a’ parallels ‘deprivation as an immanent relation3’.

‘The something that I recognize as myself 2a’ parallels ‘the dyad of the spontaneous order that calls itself into existence in the presence of an attractor and me knowing my place within that transient order2.

The potential of me that wells up in response to the limiting normal context1a’ parallels ‘the potential of conditions to define self-esteem1’.