Man and Sin by Piet Schoonenberg (1964) 2.1DB-2

[The expert makes an assessment3a and says, “You lack self-esteem because of X, Y and Z.”

X, Y and Z3a limit the normal context that brings ‘I recognize myself’ into actuality.

That leaves me alone with X, Y and Z, even though the expert fashions prosthetics1a for me to cope with my limited normal context. The names of these prosthetics are many. The prosthetics are for my welfare1a. Or, so I believe.

What do I recognize in myself2a?

Something2a tells me how to recognize myself.

So I feel frustrated when that potential1b is situated by my capacity to choose3b.

So I am filled with grief2b.

My choice2b has already been determined something2a in the same way that my actuality is determined by my potential.

So the expert may now reap what “he” has sown by directing my grievance against the ones responsible for X, Y and Z.

I, the fool, do not realize that my loneliness, frustration and grievances derive from the expert, not the ones who are supposedly responsible.

After all, the expert brought me to realize that X, Y and Z determined my fate. Plus, the expert fashioned a little crutch for me to lean on.]